Catalog of edited books

Extraordinary Charities directory


The 2019 edition of the wonderfully researched and in-depth directory of the smaller, and very deserving charities in Palm Beach County, Florida. Each organization has its own stories, from heartwarming to heart-wrenching. Click on image for a digital copy.

Lift your spirits


Explore the endless possibilities of the human mind, and reach your full potential through faith. The Solution Oriented Mind will help you overcome challenges and soar above life's difficulties. Click here to order

Take an adventure


 Good Time Charlie  is the fascinating story of Charles Klotsche, a world traveler and Palm Beacher who grew up in a prominent Milwaukee family. "The book covers my seventy-five years to date, but as they say in football, it's the fourth-quarter that counts," he says. Click here to order 

A place like no other


Lost in Wonderland’s collection of essays explore the myths, social climate and architectural tableaux that make Palm Beach like no other place in the world. The island’s uncommon mélange of English gardens, Tuscan loggias, Venetian staircases, Spanish patios, Bermuda roofs, and Georgian doorways, makes for an incomparable mirage-like grandeur attractive to both Old Money and the latest Kings of Wall Street. By author and lecturer Augustus Mayhew, one of Palm Beach’s most popular columnists. Click here to order. 

Explore the exotic


The third book in Palm Beach writer Judy Schrafft's travel trilogy, Visa Required follows her previous "Places" and "Other Places" with articles and reports of strange and exotic worldwide travel and exploration.
From scuba diving in far-flung Indian and Pacific Ocean locales to digging dinosaurs in Mongolia and moai on Easter lsland, to scavenging ancient Middle East ruins, few tropical areas have not been visited by this world-class adventurer, always trying to be "the first footprint on the beach."
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Nursing management


 Written by Dr. Harriet Forman RN EdD, this book shows those in nursing leadership and management how to understand what is occurring on the unit and at the bedside by listening to  the professionals and patients involved. An educational book filled with valuable anecdotes. Click here to order